Wireless Authentication

Marquette University currently uses a Cisco authentication system for their wireless network. To eliminate the need to log in every time I connect to the wireless network, I wrote a script that does it for me. The script is currently tailored for Mac OS X including a Growl notification and can be run automatically when a Mac OS X computer wakes up from sleep by using SleepWatcher. For more information and to download the script, click here.

Time Warner Cable

I wrote two scripts to log downtime and restart my cable modem after three minutes of downtime because Time Warner provides me with flaky cable internet and refuses to fix the problem. Firefox Extension

This script displays the log file for the Firefox Extension or outputs the last played song from Pandora or another web-based music player.

ATT Usage Script

This script takes the number of minutes you have used and outputs the number of minutes remaining and a daily quota for the remaining number of weekdays.