I am a recently graduated electrical and computer engineering masters student. I worked in the Xinu lab with Dr. Dennis Brylow at Marquette University. My research focused on voice over IP telephony on embedded systems. While I was in Milwaukee, I lived in the Men's Catholic House. Catholic house members are involved in many of the Catholic groups on campus. I was also involved in the ACM, IEEE and HKN student organizations. Throughout most of my time at Marquette University, I worked (remotely) as an intern for Opus Corporation located in the Twin Cities.

Two and a half

I have been interested in computers from a very young age. I assisted with the computers at both my elementary school (St. Raphael's School) and my high school (Totino-Grace High School). Over the past several years, I have acquired quite a few computer systems (as the computer photos in the gallery would suggest) giving me the opportunity to experiment with different hardware as well as different operating systems and software.

During my freshman year of high school, I became interested in web design. Over the past few years, that interest has shifted from web design to web-based application development. At Opus, we used the Microsoft .NET framework on Windows systems, but at home, I usually stick to PHP on GNU Linux systems.

Another interest of mine which is even older than my interest in computers is Lego. (They are "Lego bricks," not "Lego" or "Legos.") Unfortunately, I do not have as much time to build anymore, but the photo gallery includes some photos of some of the creations I have build in the past. I keep all of my creations, and we still put my Lego snowman in the front window for Christmas each year. My brother and I both have Lego trains which we put around the Christmas tree each year. The layouts have become rather extravagant now that we have so much train track.

I enjoy listening to music usually while working on my computers. I have created a list of my favorite artists and songs.