Wireless Authentication

I wrote this script to eliminate the need to log in every time I wish to use the Marquette University wireless network. Marquette currently uses a Cisco authentication system for their wireless network.

The Script

The script is currently tailored for Mac OS X including a Growl notification and can be run automatically when a Mac OS X computer wakes up from sleep by using SleepWatcher. The script can be downloaded here. In order to use the script, you must make a few changes to it. Find the following two lines and change the values to what you use to authenticate to your wireless network:


To make this script run whenever your Macintosh computer wakes from sleep, download and install SleepWatcher. SleepWatcher is a daemon that runs on your computer and executes commands at wakeup and at sleep. Once SleepWatcher is installed, all you must do is create a ".wakeup" file inside of your home directory and add the wireless script command and the delay you want it to wait before running. My wakeup file looks like this:


        ~/bin/mu_wireless_connect 15

My wireless script is called "mu_wireless_connect" and it resides inside of the "bin" directory in my home folder. The "15" tells the script to wait 15 seconds before running. This is usually enough time to make sure my computer has a had a chance to connect to the Marquette wireless network.