iTunes Web Application

Ryan Ozechowski and I wrote this application for a web applications class offered at Marquette University in the College of Engineering. It is basic but functional and is released under a GPL license.

The Web Application

The iTunes Web Application provides a web interface for iTunes. It allows a user to listen to his music from another computer using a web browser. The interface is designed to look and feel like iTunes. When the application initially starts, it parses the user's iTunes library XML file. It then streams the song files over the internet to the user's browser. The web application has been tested in Apache on both OS X and Windows. It is written in PHP and requires minimal configuration to set up. This application uses the JW FLV Media Player to play music on the client computer.

Additional Notes

This application runs on your own computer which means that you must do the necessary port forwarding if you are behind a router. You also need a sufficiently fast internet connection with an appropriate bandwidth allotment to serve music. You should consider password protecting this web application as sharing your music with the world may not be permitted.

This software is not under active development. It is unsupported and provided as is. It has been tested with iTunes 7 on Mac OS X and Windows XP. If you find this software useful, you are welcome to change and improve it.

Other software under active development exists. I recommend pulpTunes, Subsonic, and Sockso.


Please click here to download. A screen shot is available here.